Joyce Zhao

Joyce is the founder of Cadence Group and CareerStar International. Joyce has a wealth of business and human resource experiences working with small to large enterprises.

Through the years, through working closely with human resource challenges with the hundreds of corporate clients, often directly with the business owners themselves, Joyce has come across and advised on an extraordinarily broad range of HR issues. Joyce is well looked up by many of her peers and associate, and her outlook and opinions are often sort after by many business owners and corporate senior managements.

Through both Cadence Group and CareerStar International, Joyce hope to be able to become the catalyst to many small and large businesses to help strengthen their human resource, as well as their HR practices, that she believes form the prerequisite basis for business growth.

Jerry Li

Jerry Li is the director and consultant at Cadence Group Pte Ltd and also the founding director and consultant of Habridge Institute of Management Pte Ltd.

Jerry Li is also accomplished consultant with 20 years of experience as an external and internal consultant in strategising, implementing, and achieving planned outcomes in areas of Human Capital Development, branding and marketing, and customers’ experience. In addition to his luminous track record as a consultant, he is an equally experienced and accomplished trainer who is able to engage effectively with senior management and staff.

Till date, Jerry Li boasts a proven track record in leading people and teams, managing successful businesses, as well as consulting experiences with SMEs. By leveraging on his relevant experiences, he is able to develop comprehensive solutions that deliver value to his clients.

Jerry Li has served more than 200 SMEs in Singapore. Some of his key clients included Jumbo Group, Putien Restaurant, JCS Group Pte Ltd, Thye Shan Medical Hall, Gong Cha, Mr. Bean, Sheng Siong, Musim Mas Group, Cristofori, Tung Lok.