Merit Point Motivation System (MPMS)

The Merit Point Motivation System (MPMS) is a software-enabled solution to instantly recognise and reward employees who demonstrate the organisation’s desired behaviours for completing their assigned prioritised tasks.

Instant Recognition
Employees are instantly motivated by their cumulative points presented on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis.

Employees’ Behaviour Bank
Employees would have a crystal clear information of the desired behaviours and prioritise the important task through the points allocated for each job descriptions.

Ease of Use
The web-based and app-based solutions allow the management and employees to easily access to the MPM System at any time via computer or mobile phones.

Effective Performance Review
Supervisors will  have an accurate evidence to objectively review the individual employee’s performance based on the points scored.

The MPMS solution transforms organisations by enabling them to make their corporate culture a reality and improves productivity as management resource can be better utilised instead of repeatedly reminding employees what are the desired or undesirable behaviours and manually monitoring the completion of assigned prioritised tasks.


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