You have the flexibility and option to expand your workforce in our Temporary Placement service.  We assist with your manpower deployment which targets your company’s daily, seasonal and project requirements without having any hassle. At Cadence Group, we have a ready pool of candidates who are equipped with the right skillset and attitude that are ready to join your company.

Our categories of Temporary Placement Services are as follow:

  1. Ad Hoc Temporary Placement: Covers your company’s peak season or assist in short project durations.
  2. Immediate Temporary Placement: Temporary staff who are deployed to your company in a short notice.
  3. Mass Number of Temporary Placement: Temporary mass hiring for your company’s roadshows and events or staffing at various outlets.

Short-Term Solutions
If a company faces Inadequate manpower and shortage of short-term support, think about having a strategic partner from Cadence Group that can assist you to recruit a qualified candidate who is ready to fit into your company during peak season that ensures a smooth deployment of manpower.

Cost Saving and Flexible Workforce
By engaging our services, you can have an adequate workforce without having to commit to extra permanent headcount. This will facilitate in minimising company’s cost, abrupt manpower shortage and unforeseen increase in workload.

Only Pay by Hourly
You will only pay the temporary staff based on an hourly rate. It is absolutely up to the Management’s decision to assign the staff with just one day of work or if necessary, probably a longer duration.

Temporary to Permanent Placement
This is an ideal way for the company if you are unsure of having temporary staff or full-time staff. You get the chance to assess if the temporary staff has the skill sets and attitude that fit your company.